We often find ourselves longing for a touch of comfort and luxury, even when on the go. The dilemma? Our favourite products can't always come with you while traveling! We have brought together a selection of mini must-haves that promise to be your perfect companions, ensuring you don't miss out on your self-care rituals, no matter where you are!
Kicking things off with our Handbag Essentials Kit, this moisturising duo of your dreams! This collection includes a mini hand cream and lip balm. Ideal for those moments when your skin begs for a touch of hydration, these minis ensure your hands and lips remain pampered, making this collection the perfect travel partner and a truly thoughtful gift.

But how about when the day winds down, and you crave the comfort of a peaceful night's sleep away from home? We have the perfect solution, our Tuscan Dreams Mini Pillow Mist Collection. This trio of calming scents is designed to transform any space into a serene sanctuary, allowing you to drift off into a restful sleep, no matter where your travels have taken you. It's like carrying a piece of home in your pocket!

Mid-day refreshes with our Body Mist are ideal to pro-long the longevity of your fragrance. Compact enough to fit in your handbag, our Body Mist is your secret weapon for a quick spritz of freshness, ensuring you remain smelling like your favourite Di Palomo fragrance all day long. It's the perfect follow-up to our morning ritual of applying Eau De Parfum, keeping you feeling confident and uplifted.

And finally, for those moments when you need a quick escape from the day's stress, our Roll-On Oil is your go-to. A simple application on your pulse points can transport you to a place of calm and relaxation, perfect to take with you in your handbag to work or traveling. Each of these mini essentials from Di Palomo is crafted with care, ensuring you never have to compromise on taking your favourite products with you, no matter your destination.