The Versatility of Our Best-Selling Room Spray


First we would like to discuss one of our best sellers at Di Palomo, our Luxury Home Fragrance Spray. Our Room Spray stands out for its unique ability to freshen up not just the rooms in your house but also your fabrics and linens. It's specially formulated to be fabric-friendly, allowing your curtains, bedding, and even clothing to carry the scent of freshness everywhere. Imagine your favourite Di Palomo fragrances wafting through your home, transforming it into a haven of freshness and elegance, mix and match with our Home Fragrance mists, available in our Wild Fig & Grape, Orange Blossom and White Grape and Aloe.

Reed Diffusers: Decor and Fragrance in Harmony


Our Reed Diffusers are an aesthetically pleasing home fragrance must have, combining the visual beauty of a carefully crafted piece of decor with the pleasure of our exquisite fragrances.

Placing one in any room not only enhances the space with a divine aroma but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Plus, with a replacement set of reeds provided, you can ensure that the luxurious scent never fades, keeping your surroundings fragrant and inviting.







Tin Candles: The Sustainable Choice for Fragrance Lovers


Our Tin Candles are a testament to our commitment to not only creating beautiful fragrances but also promoting sustainability. With 35 hours of burn time, these candles provide a long-lasting ambiance of warmth and fragrance. Once used, the tin holder offers the perfect opportunity for repurposing – be it as a gorgeous plant pot, a stylish pen holder, or whatever your creativity inspires! It’s our way of extending the life of our products beyond their initial purpose, inviting you to enjoy our products in a practical and environmentally friendly way.





Driven By Passion


 At Di Palomo, we're passionate about enhancing your home with fragrances inspired by the beauty of Italy. From our versatile room spray and elegant reed diffusers to our sustainable tin candles, each product is designed to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your living space. Discover the art of home fragrance with Di Palomo and let us help you make your house a home.